A visit to Hill Station Essay with Quotations – Murree Visit

A visit to Hill Station

It is human nature to look forward to moments of joy and joy. Therefore, people began to create places for recreation. he just does his best. After endless questing, he came to the conclusion that there is no greater Creator than ALLAH.

A place unaffected by the evil domination of man proved to be a perfect sanctuary. Life itself is very very tiring. Everyone should be reminded to pause and look around and enjoy the moment. I live a busy life as a current student, but I think I need time to relax. I would like to share my most memorable visit to HIll station

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Murree Hill Station

My friends and I made a program to go to the comfortable and relaxing atmosphere of the mountain station. We chose Murree as our destination. We packed our things and walked to the bus stop. After 4 hour drive. Finally, we got there. We rented a local car and started climbing into the pines. The weather was perfect. The cool fresh air made us feel relaxed and chilled.

The top of the mountain was behind a curtain of clouds with some pine tops. The hotel was quite expensive, but I found a reasonably priced hotel and stayed there. We went to the window and were amazed. The windows faced the mountainside and were completely covered with flowers of different colours. We marvelled for a while and then made plans for the day.

a visit to hill station

First, we climbed Kashmir Point. We had tea there. Beautiful mountains and clear air made me come alive. I didn’t want to take my eyes off the evergreens. Everything seemed too good to be true, too good to last. It stopped time itself. In the evening we returned to Mall Road.

This street was full of pedestrians. People dressed warmly seemed to be enjoying the nice weather. The high mountains behind the hotel provided great views. We had the opportunity to see and observe different crafts and handicrafts. We purchased some handicrafts and other items specially made by the locals before heading back to our hotel.

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We were all tired so we decided to get up early and go to bed so we could watch the sunrise. The next morning a friend woke me up at her 7 am and told me to go outside. I stumbled and reached the door. At that time, most people were still asleep and everything was quiet.


The sun stood between two mountains. The clouds scattered over the mountains reflect the sun’s rays and give off a variety of colours. The purple, red, orange, yellow, and blue specks of the sky looked unreal. I had never seen anything so wonderful and beautiful. Birds and trees seemed to be celebrating. The trees swaying in the wind seemed to greet the majestic sun. I sighed, full of desire to drink the sunshine.

a visit to hill station quotes

I returned to the hotel for breakfast. We wanted to catch the bus early to go home. I didn’t want to go view of the trees. flowers, chirping birds. Bright green foliage, crystal clear water streams and four majestic mountains kept me busy. But we had to go. we went by bus.

The descent was uneven, but not without joy. The mountains are gradually disappearing. Even after leaving the beautiful mountain station, I still remember it vividly. Never forget the beauty of nature.

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