Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phone Essay with Quotations

In this day and age, there are very few people who do not have a cell phone. There are fewer people who do not use a mobile phone. Nowadays, the mobile phone is becoming the top priority in everyone’s life. Everyone uses it in daily life for communication, business purposes and other activities. In today’s world, mobile phones have completely changed an individual’s life.

Mobile Phone:

mobile phone quotation

A mobile phone (also known as a cellular network, cellular telephone, or cell phone). It is an electrical device used for full-duplex, two-way radio telecommunications over a cellular network of base stations.

We know that everything, good and bad, has its own meaning. The same applies to mobile phones. For some reason, it’s a great invention, but at the same time, it brings the worst. From the right point of view, mobile phones are an extraordinary invention for humankind, but when used continuously for hours, they pose some problems.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of mobile phones.

Advantages of Mobile Phone:

Mobile phones have changed the method of communication. Before cell phones, we used landlines or correspondence to communicate with someone who lived far from our homes.
Unlimited mobile phone for communication; It also has many other advantages and limitations. Most people know the benefits of cell phones. The advantages of mobile phones are discussed as follows –

1-Easy Communication:

The main advantage of using mobile phones is that they make communication easier and cheaper. Due to their low prices, mobile phones are affordable and are revolutionizing the telecommunications industry where about 95% of people use mobile phones to communicate.

Mobile simplifies communication by allowing you to contact friends, family and colleagues at any time with just a few keystrokes on your mobile phone. Mobile also allows you to keep in touch with people around you with voice calls, video calls, text messages, recorded calls and more.

2- Education and Business:

This is another great advantage of mobile phones. Mobile phones can be used to acquire knowledge or information on various topics. For convenience, nowadays most colleges, institutions and schools offer online education with appropriate learning materials. We can get all kinds of knowledge using mobile phones

Cell phones can be used to promote businesses. Mobile is best for entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs to promote their business through online or offline sources. Mobile phones had made meetings and business work easier

3- Social Media:

In this day and age, mobile phones are not only used for making calls. Smartphones are supposed to be a gift for social media lovers. Social media apps like Twitter, Instagram, instant chat, Facebook, etc. are always at your fingertips at any time. We can edit and share photos and social media posts directly from our mobile phones.

Mobile phones give us the ability to access social media at any time.
Most people use their mobile phones to scroll through their timelines on social media platforms in their spare time.

advantages and disadvantages of mobile phone

4- Helpful in Emergency:

In today’s world, criminal activities take place at a higher level, so keeping a cell phone with you is a good security option. In our daily life, we have heard of a lot of criminal activities like kidnapping, robbery and others. The mobile phone helps us in different types of illegal activities as it is the fastest contact device. We can call the police and relatives to help us as soon as possible.

mobile is the first device that helps us to call a mechanic or any family member to fix a problem. If we are sick and need a doctor, and no one is at home. So, in these situations, mobile phones are devices that we can use for quick communication.

5- Gps and Camera:

Modern mobile phones are equipped with the highest resolution cameras. Before cellphones, we used to have cameras to capture unforgettable moments, and now cellphones can do that too.
Now the phone has both front and rear cameras that can be used to take selfies. Taking selfies and photos from your phone is easy.

This is one of the greatest advantages of mobile phones. Mobile gives us information about our current location and destination. Before mobile phones, it was difficult to track location, but after the development of mobile phones, it is easy to track current location and destination. Select a destination on the map to see path directions and suggestions for the shortest route and estimated time to get there.

Disadvantages of Mobile Phones:

Besides many advantages, mobile phones also have many limitations. Let us discuss in detail the limitations of using mobile phones.

1- Distraction and Wastage of Time:

Mobile phones can be annoying devices that get in the way of your work. The device contains applications that encourage users to enjoy the software, which is often seen by students who are easily distracted from studying due to their mobile phones. One such application is a variety of mobile games that you play for several days. These games immerse people and distract them from their goals.

Mobile phones are useful in many ways, but they are one of the biggest wastes of time. Most students and young people are affected. Students want to play games, watch movies, listen to songs, and other types of entertainment that waste their precious time.

2- Addiction:

Cell phone addiction is known as “Nomophobia”. In this mental disorder, people cannot stop using cell phones. They can’t even imagine themselves without motivation. Excessive use of cell phones makes a person addicted.

mobile phone quotation

3- Health Problems:

Excessive cell phone use causes health problems such as eye swelling and other vision problems. Cell phones include mental disorders like anger, depression, anxiety, stress and others.
Excessive cell phone use seriously affects sleep habits. People use their cell phones even while sleeping. At night, some people are glued to their phone screens, which disrupts their sleep a lot.

4- Loss of Study:

Excessive use of cell phones is a major inconvenience for students. Mobile phones mainly affect students’ learning. Cell phones distract students from studying. Students mainly focus on playing games, watching movies and other leisure activities on mobile devices causing their scores to drop.

5: Cyber Bullying:

Cyberbullying is sending, posting, or sharing negative, untrue, and harmful content about others. Research shows that most college students and teenagers have been victims of cyberbullying. Cyberbullying can put someone’s life in danger.

These are common problems that occur with mobile users. iPhone iOS is a bit secure, but in Android phones, it is easier for hackers to invade someone’s privacy and data. Security concerns are the dangerous effects of cell phone use on people. People have been in a lot of trouble due to security issues, like losing money, image, reputation and others.


Stop using cell phones for a long time and don’t get addicted to them. Mobile phones and even everything have their own limitations and advantages, so users decide how they use them. Therefore, one should always use objects or mobile phones and be aware of the harm.

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