Electrostatics: Definition | Charge | Point Charges | Electric Force


  • Electro means “study of charges”
  • Statics means “Rest”

“The study of charges at rest under the action of electric forces is known as Electrostatics.”

Electrostatics is basically the study about the charges who are at rest and are not moving.

Electric Charge:

“It is the internal property of a material that it can attract or repel the other object is called as Charge.”

Electric charges can be either positive or negative, and the two types of charge are said to be opposite in nature.

Objects with the same type of charge (positive or negative) will experience a repulsive force, while objects with opposite charges will experience an attractive force. The strength of the force is determined by the magnitude of the charges and the distance between them.

There are only two charges
Positive Charge (+)
Negative Charge (-)

Point Charges:

“When the distance between two charges is greater than their radius, then these charges are said to be point charges.” Or
“Charges having negligible dimensions (size, length, volume etc) than the other charge is known as point charges.”

Electric Force:

An electric force is a force that holds the positive and negative charges that make up atoms and molecules.”

The human body is composed entirely of atoms and molecules, thus we owe our existence to the electric force.

Fundamental Laws of Electrostatics

There are three fundamental laws of electrostatic that are following:

Like charges repel each other.

Unlike charges attract each other.

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