Importance of Hijab in Islam Essay with Quotations

Today, there are over one billion Muslims in the world, three to five million of whom are in the United States, making them the second largest religion after Christianity. By some estimates, Islam is the fastest-growing religion in the world. And Importance of Hijab is a very highlighting issue in our society… Islamic women are obligated to respect their religion, to be loyal wives and mothers, and to have the right to education and employment if they wish, but they are humbled by wearing a headscarf known as the ‘hijab’. The Quran-e-Kareem clearly states:
“And say to the believing women that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty…” [24:31]
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What is Hijab?

The term “hijab – الحجاب” literally means “cover”, “curtain” or “shield”. This is not a technical term used in Islamic jurisprudence for women’s dress code. A term in Islamic study for the behavior of unrelated men and women toward each other, the dress code is “Satr or Satir – السtur، الساتر”. However, for the last two decades, Western Muslims and the media have used the term “hijab” to define the headdress or entire garment worn by Muslim women. The use of the term “hijab” throughout this article refers to the latter meaning of both headdresses and overall clothing.
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Concept of Hijab:

This is evidence enough for Muslim women to fulfill this obligation and wear the hijab. Asked by both Muslims. For many women, being a Muslim is a real test. Some Muslim women believe that ALLAH commanded them to remain humble and wear the hijab with dignity and self-respect. They are happy to be recognized as pure and chaste Muslim women. Women who cover up hide their sexuality but let their femininity shine through. She does not want her sexuality to enter into interactions with men in the smallest degree, or be singled out for a physical appearance, viewed as a ‘sex object’, but to be treated fairly and equally and taken seriously. This, is perhaps, generalized for all women, not just women of Islam.

Hijab – is your Choice.

Importance of Hijab is very crucial and higlighted issue in our society and specially in euorpe countries. Although not all Muslim women would choose to wear HIJAB, it is completely their choice. Like in some Religions, there are strict, Muslims who choose to be more relaxed about traditions and beliefs. A Muslim woman who follows ALLAH’s orders strictly would perhaps choose to wear the ‘NIQAB’ (veil covering the face) or the ‘BURQA’ (outer garment covering the whole body), whereas a less strict Muslim woman would opt not to wear any of the Islamic garments.
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The issue of Muslim women’s clothing, known as the hijab, niqab, and burqa, has been a point of contention for centuries and is likely to continue for years to come.

Freedom is for ALL:

Basically, Muslims, like other religious groups, have the right to practice their beliefs and religious traditions. Islam has established certain beliefs, one of which is the hijab. Women’s emancipation is when women can choose what to wear, and Muslim women choose to wear the hijab. Some agree with this statement because they are strong believers in the concept of freedom of expression. They believe that people should express their religion and claim that the world is now a free world. In today’s society, everyone has the right to incorporate their religion and religious symbols into their daily lives and this should be respected.
In summary, different people have different opinions about what clothes Muslim women want. Some believe that it is harmless and that Muslim women have the right to choose how to live their lives like everyone else. Some might consider it a threat to We live in a multicultural society and it is quite normal to see women adorning their headscarves in the street. I don’t know if it poses a threat. In the 21st century, people want to do what they want, study, eat, and do what they want, so why can’t they wear certain clothes when they want? People can follow their religion if they want. , those who follow should respect its culture and traditions. Religions like Judaism also force Jewish women to dress modestly, so Islam should not be questioned for actually practicing the hijab.

Conclusion on Importance of Hijab:

There are many misconceptions about Islam, such as Islam’s relationship with terrorism and the veil controversy. However, we firmly believe that all cultures, traditions, and religions should be respected and treated equally. Some people are so accustomed to the media generating stereotypes and opinions about Muslims that their brains automatically register as “correct” what they hear or read. Not all Muslims are extremists, and not all Muslims think the same way. Hijab is a symbol of Islam and Islam is a religion of peace. Being a Muslim myself and wearing the hijab, I firmly believe that Muslim women have the right to dress as they please. We have to rise the importance of hijab and awareness about it.

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