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“Village is a place where you can find Peace, Unity, Strenght and most importantly a Natural & Beautiful Life.”

Villages in Pakistan

Pakistan is an agricultural country and four-5th of its lives in the village. A village is made from its population living in villages. A village is made from mud houses, with narrow lanes and streets and not using a machine of drainage.

“Villages are the soul of a Country.”

There are many trees and fields. There are thousands of garbage and a row of dung cakes. Some villages are massive and a few villages are relatively small. These villages are reduced off from the towns and feature a distinct type of light.

People of Villages

The villagers have very strong bodies. There is a healthy and fresh diet. They are socially knit together. The villagers are generally very friendly, sincere, and cooperative. They depend on each other for the supply of their wants. They help each other in time of need.

“It is a city of villages, closely connected, each village dedicated to a different way of life.”

Nancy Spain

nancy spain

They share in joys and sorrows of each other. But this does not mean they never quarrel. Quarrels, rivalries, and conflicts are being common. The peaceful environment of the village is being disturbed. Outlaw and anti-socials have made life in the village unsafe.

Environment of Villages

The climate of the village is good and the villagers are in good health. They are living a peaceful life. The sounds of motor rickshaws, scooters, and other vehicles do not disturb the peaceful atmosphere of the village.

“I live in a village where people still care about each other, largely.”

Jan Karon

They don’t have to rush or worry as you do in city life. They use pure milk and ghee. These people breathe in the fresh air, which is beneficial to their health. Therefore, the villagers are happy and healthy.

Happiness is……peaceful small hilltop villages

The life of the villagers is very simple. Marriages and occasional fairs make a welcome change in their lives. When they stop working at noon, they gather under a shady tree to play cards, smoke a hukka, or just have a good time chatting. Occasionally, kabaddi and wrestling matches are organized. In a word, the villagers, far from the bustle of the city, lead peaceful and quiet life.

Professions of Villagers

Farmers mainly live in the village. They live a simple life and their desires are unique. They are happy with what they have and never dream of its luxury and comfort. And modern science has given us ample means.

“Villagers are the backbone of a country.”

They harvest on the farm. It is in the morning and is cultivated, sown, harvested until evening, depending on the season. They grow cotton, wheat, corn, all vegetables, and seasonal fruits for us.
In Pakistan, villagers are the backbone of our country. Some villagers are shopkeepers. They provide the villagers with basic necessities.

Problems of Villagers

There are many serious problems with village life as well. The villagers are very poor. No matter how hard you work, you don’t earn as much money as you need for your daily life. They are not dressed properly and are starving. They do not have medical facilities. We need to reform rural life.

“Reform your Rural life for a better Economy.”

We need to create opportunities to generate more income so that people don’t try to flee to the city. There are many things the government can do to improve the condition of our village.

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