Mobile Phone Essay with Quotations | Advantages & Disadvantages

Mobile Phone:

Mobile Phone is usually additionally referred to as a “cellular phone”. it’s a tool in the main used for a voice decision. Presently technological advancements have created our life straight forward. Today, with the assistance of a portable we are able to simply speak or video chat with anyone across the world by simply moving our fingers.

Appearance & Usage of Mobile Phone

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Nowadays mobile phones are square measures offered in varied shapes and sizes, having completely different technical specifications and square measures.

Used for a variety of functions like – voice line, video chatting, text electronic communication or SMS, transmission electronic communication, web browsing, email, video games, and photography. therefore it’s referred to as a ‘Smart Phone. Like each device, the portable additionally has its execs and cons that we tend to shall discuss currently.

Advantages of Mobile Phone

Here we will discuss some of the most important advantages and usage of Mobile phones in our daily routine.

1) Stay Connected with everyone:

Now we can always stay connected with friends and family through multiple apps. Now you can video chat with anyone just by turning on your mobile phone or smartphone. Except for this cell phone, America collectively provides you with the latest information from all over the world.

2) Daily communication:

Today, mobile phones have made our lives very convenient. Today, transportable assess live traffic conditions and make acceptable decisions to arrive on time. Weather updates, taxi bookings and more.

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3) All recreation:

With the development of mobile phone technology, now the whole world of leisure is under one roof. Listen to music, watch movies, watch your favourite shows, or simply watch videos of your favourite songs whenever you feel indifferent during your daily work or breaks.

4) Managing office work:

Today, mobile phones are used for many types of official business such as booking meetings, sending and receiving documents, presentations, notifications, and job applications.

5) Mobile Banking:

These days, mobile phones are also used as wallets for payments. Mobile thanks to his baking on smartphones, money could be transferred instantly to friends, relatives or others. You can also easily access your account details to know your previous transactions. This saves a lot of time and also relieves stress.

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Disadvantages of Mobile Phones

Here are some serious and relevant disadvantages of Mobile Phones.

1) Wasting time:

Nowadays people have become addicted to mobile phones. Even without mobile, we still surf the net, play games, which makes us real addicts. As cell phones get smarter, people get worse too.

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2) Making us inaccessible:

The widespread use of mobile phones has led to fewer meetings and more discussions. Since then, people no longer meet physically, but only chat or comment on social networks.

3) Loss of Privacy:

Loss of privacy is a major concern nowadays due to the heavy use of mobile devices. Nowadays, anyone can easily access information like where you live, your friends and family, what is your occupation, where is your home, etc. just by easily browsing through your social media accounts.

4) Waste of money:

The usefulness of cell phones has increased, as has their cost. Nowadays, people are spending a lot of money to buy smartphones, which can instead be spent on more useful things like education or other useful things in our lives.


A cell phone can be both positive and negative; depending on how the user uses it. Since mobile phones are a part of our lives today, so we must use them with proper care to lead a more complex free life instead of using them inappropriately. and turn it into a virus of life.

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