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What is Hobby?

Hobbies are activities that provide personal enjoyment and entertainment. It is an interesting occupation to adopt in your free time. It allows people to find pleasant activities that can relax their minds and souls.

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In this day and age, people have to work hard to survive. They must do their best to meet the challenges of their life. This physical and mental work not only exhausts them but also undermines his talents. To lessen the burden of this boredom, they certainly need an enjoyable occupation. They should have free time and favorite activities to relieve their troubled feelings. This kind of intellectual pastime is called a hobby.


People have different hobbies. Hobbies vary from person to person. It depends on their taste. It’s true that everyone has different hobbies.

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In other words, there are as many hobbies as there are men. Reading, gardening, stamp collecting, painting, swimming, fishing, cooking, photography, and more are enjoyed by many people around the world. Everyone devotes themselves to hobbies according to their temperament, tastes, and interests.

My Favourite Hobby:

I have a hobby also. The activity that I want to do in my spare time. My hobby is “Gardening“.

There are a few things I enjoy doing in my free time, but one of my favorites is gardening. This hobby of mine is the ultimate source of joy and pleasure for me.

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I have created a beautiful garden on the lawn adjacent to my house, where I have grown lush grasses, vegetables, flowers, and various kinds of trees. The fresh look of this garden gives me great joy and peace. The sweet scent of these flowers brings me true joy. My Garden Health brings freshness, health, and happiness. It is indeed a great source of aesthetic pleasure.

There are many flowers in my garden that add a nice fragrance to the atmosphere. Vegetables were also sown and harvested from time to time. Anyone who visits my garden can’t help but admire it.

When I have free time, I like being in my garden. It gives not only joy but also wisdom and knowledge. Time passed in my garden is truly sensational and makes sense.

This hobby also makes me think. These plants and flowers seem to have some significance in human life. These flowers teach us that beauty is short-lived, and so is human life. I’ve learned that it doesn’t cost anything to make the place we live beautifully.

When you spend some time growing plums and flowers. You can beautify your cities to rid the land of ugliness and pollution.


The hobby is essential for a happy, joyful, and working life. Because if you do any work that gives you pleasure and joy, you can spend your day with full focus and energy. A man without a hobby is more depressing and rude. Because he doesn’t have any reason for happiness and enjoyment. So it is very important for every human being to have a hobby.

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