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Pollution is the term used for the introduction of harmful substances into the environment. These contaminants are called pollutants. Impurities can be natural, such as volcanic ash. It can also arise from human activities such as Waste or Effluents from Factories.

Pollution is one of the challenges facing the world today. Both developed and underdeveloped countries share this problem equally.

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Chest pain, congestion, throat inflammation, cardiovascular disorder, and breathing disorder are a number of illnesses that may be resulting from air pollutants. Water pollutants take place because of infection of water and can pose pores and skin-associated troubles consisting of pores and skin irritations and rashes.

Types of Pollution:

Pollution is increasing rapidly due to excessive industrialization and the use of fossil fuels. Pollution poses a major threat to human survival if not addressed immediately.
environmental scientist classifies pollution into four basic types air pollution, water pollution and soil pollution.

1- Air Pollution

Air pollution is primarily caused by the presence of harmful and toxic gases in the air. Vehicles and factories release large amounts of toxic gases into the atmosphere. This pollutes the air and is harmful to humans to breathe.

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People breathe air to get oxygen, so air pollution causes respiratory diseases. Water pollution occurs when toxic waste from industries that use chemicals finds its way into streams, rivers, and oceans.

2- Soil Pollution

Soil pollution is caused by the addition of harmful chemicals such as fertilizers and industrial wastes to the soil. Soil contamination robs the soil of fertility and increases fertility. As a result, plants cannot grow in the ground.

Extensive deforestation also causes soil contamination. Almost all factors that cause environmental pollution are rapidly increasing and working. There are many ways to avoid contamination. To complete this challenge you need to plant a tree.

Limits on the use of fossil fuels in the industry should also be ensured. Factories should be regulated not to dump toxic waste onto land or rivers. We need to start an awareness campaign and ask the public for help to reduce it.

3- Water Pollution

Water pollution is the contamination of water sources with substances that make the water unsuitable for drinking, cooking, cleaning, swimming and other activities. Contaminants include chemicals, debris, bacteria, and parasites. All forms of pollution end up in the water.


ater pollution occurs when bodies of water such as rivers, lakes, oceans, groundwater and aquifers are polluted by industrial and agricultural runoff. When water is polluted, all organisms that directly or indirectly depend on that water source are adversely affected.

4- Noise Pollution

Noise pollutants is taken into consideration to be any undesirable or traumatic sound that impacts the fitness and wellbeing of people and different organisms. Sound is measured in decibels.

Modify the trails via way of means by which the noise travels via the air to the human beings exposed, eg: Erect enclosures around machines to lessen the quantity of noise emitted into the administrative centre or atmosphere. Use boundaries and monitors to dam the direct direction of the sound. Position noise assets are similarly far from workers.


Environmental crises should be recognized, addressed and resolved. Education systems need to educate students on this serious subject. New technologies must be introduced to protect the environment from pollution.
In conclusion, environmental pollution is a serious problem that must be solved by governments and individuals in the ways mentioned above.

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