Reasons for Deforestation: Why we are not planting Trees

Deforestation is increasing day by day due to this global warming is also increasing. Everyone feels and experience pollution but no one is trying to overcome this pollution. There are only a few people who plant trees, but the majority of people aren’t taking it seriously. There are many reasons why we are not able to plant trees or taking them up seriously.

Busy Routine:

Every man is working in this period of development. If someone is busy doing business for comfort, some are working, some are coming to work, some are going. So everyone is busy. Because of this engagement man is not able to relax because of which people are suffering from depression nowadays.

They think that the reason is because of the pressure of the work. But in fact, the reason is something else that we are unable to understand. They live in polluted environments outside all day long but never wondered why our environment was getting polluted.


Under the influence of today’s facilities, we do not pay attention to the environment around us. Because of the lack of trees, the environment is getting polluted and we are breathing in the same environment, which is harmful to us. There is an A.C in every house because of which people have forgotten the value of fresh and natural air. That fresh natural air is very important for us. Today’s people have become so accustomed to artificial things that we don’t know the value and importance of natural things at all. People have forgotten to plant trees because they are busy with business. And the lack of trees is causing low oxygen and carbon dioxide in the air which is dangerous for us humans.

These comforts for which we do not have comfort despite working so hard. If we do the same hard work in planting trees, we feel comfortable with the atmosphere as well as the atmosphere. Trees are very important for our survival, but we are so busy with our work that there is no time to plant trees.

Why should we plant trees?

If each person planted two to three trees, the tree shortage would be fulfilled and our environment would be beautiful. We all want our house to be beautiful, our room is beautiful but never thought that our locality or our country should be beautiful. Many countries in the world are polluted, including our country, Pakistan. It is a matter of great regret that we are progressing today but we are still lagging behind the rest of the world due to pollution. Western countries are still our focus, just because the atmosphere there is clear to us.

As well as having a good work system, they are your example in their charm and the beauty of the environment is with plants. In western countries, people have less land but plants are planted more. But in our country, people do not have plants and vegetables, even though they have lands that are essential for health and well-being.

How we can overcome Deforestation?

If we take time out of our engagements and start planting from our homes. We can make our society attractive along with a peaceful environment. And remember that children do what we are doing. so you plant yourself and make your children addicted so that in the future they get oxygen-rich as well as attractive environments and they can lead a peaceful and healthy life.

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