Role of a Woman in Society Essay with Quotations


The World Bank reported that 49.6% of the world’s population was female in 2017. There are many women. They are of the same sex and sex. Women need to be educated because the purpose of education is to enable men to think and act.

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Education for all

Education enhances individual competence. Nature has endowed women with extraordinary abilities. Women’s education is, therefore, an urgent need for the growth and development of society. His Averroes, one of the most influential Muslim philosophers, said:

Women should be treated as humans, not pets.

Education for women in Pakistan

Since independence, women from low-income and rural classes have served as breadwinners for their families. They have served in the household by providing services such as cooks, servants and cleaners. A lower-class woman worked all day to earn two meals a day for her family, while a middle-class woman was supposed to stay at home and take care of those who lived in the house.

But as the world entered the 21st century, the position of women within the country became apparent. More women were allowed to pursue higher education, work in the corporate world, and earn money for themselves and their families.

Role of a Women in Society

Pakistani women also play an important role as housewives and mothers. They are responsible for raising their children. Women were educated so they could teach their children life values ​​and etiquette. Additionally, women are now able to homeschool their children when they return from school.

In the past, families had to spend huge amounts of their income to send their children to school because their mothers were not educated enough to teach them academically, but now most mother is educated, sitting with children and doing homework.

Role of Women in Islam:

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Women were allowed to pray with men, participate in commerce, and participate in education. One of the wives of Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW), Aisha played an important role in medicine, history and rhetoric. However, although women did not have religious titles, some held political power either with their husbands or alone.

Islam attaches great importance to the education of all individuals, regardless of sex or gender.

Initiatives for women’s education

Women’s education not only empowers them economically but enables them to become good caretakers. An educated woman fully understands her responsibilities and can raise her children in a civilized environment. In this way, educated women can contribute to the development of society. She raises an ambitious and goal-oriented generation.

Role of a Women in Society

Conclusion on Role of Women in our Society

Society must understand that women’s education is necessary for domestic, social and national interests. Women should not be viewed as inferior when it comes to learning. They should not be seen as a burden, but as a workforce that can be hired through training.

Governments should therefore ensure that all girls are able to study. Women’s education is also necessary to combat the abuse of women. It is also useful in solving many of society’s problems.
In conclusion, priority should be given to women’s education at the family, social and national levels.

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Role of a Women in Society Essay

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