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Comparison of AI content creation tools
I gave all the content generation tools I tested the same theme and generated output of a similar length.
With the irony of meta-self-reference, I used the simple phrase “Create AI Content”.
We compared the usage of the tool and the quality of the content output. You can see this output in each screenshot below.

free article writer

As part of the comparison, I ran all the content through Copyscape and checked for plagiarism. He had only one content generator that was flagged as having a problem.
When comparing the output of all the tools, the style difference was the most surprising. Running the same set of keys through the
AI tools, I expected to get half-similar results, but of course, each generator has its own variables in how it writes its content. Much like various human writers.

1. Writesonic

  • From free versions
  • Unlimited pricing plans.
  • Paid version with reasonable price.
  • 24 languages.
ai content generator

Writesonic is based on his GPT-3 and claims the engine is trained on the content produced by the brands using the tool. The generator is based on promoting marketing texts, blog posts and product descriptions.

The generator can also provide content ideas and outlines and has a full suite of templates for different types of content. The Writesonic is very easy to use and it didn’t take me too long to get a complete article right out of the box. The free plan is an option to try the basic tool with the option to upgrade to access all features.

2- Hyperwrite

  • Free.
  • Chrome extension.
article rewriter

Hyperwrite’s claim is to use a state-of-the-art AI generator. It is one of the most basic tools for using and generating content and is the only tool that is completely free to use.

In our tests, we found the output to be surprisingly cohesive and fluid. A nice part of the tool is that you can rewrite sentences or lengthen paragraphs to quickly rebuild and expand your content as needed. Hyperwrite’s text output was what most people chose as human-written in the social media Turing test.

This is also a free tool that offers some of the best qualities of all the compared tools, making it a great tool for testing the capabilities and limitations of AI content generators.

  • Free plan and unlimited paid.
  • Payment plans are very cheap.
  • 25 languages.
  • Designed as an antidote to writer’s block.
ai content generator is an inexpensive and easy-to-use content generator. provides templates for different content types such as blogs, advertisements, sales, websites, social media, etc. The generator also provides translations in 25 languages. Unusual additions to their toolkit include a baby name generator but have been unable to get results that can be used for baby names.

While easy to use, it is a tool for those who produce content up to an average level of volume, but not for high-end content production. A Free plan is a try-before-you-buy option.

4- Ai Writer

  • Free trial and paid plans.
  • Marked with plagiarism check.
content writer tool

AI Writer creates fresh and relevant text that describes itself as good for SEO and saves you 50% of your writing time. According to our tests, AI Writer is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to write articles within minutes.

However, it was the only tool I tested that displayed the Copyscape plagiarism checker. The author’s article was fluid and uncoordinated, and I felt like I was spinning the article. All content tested Among her generators, this tool did not seem to have the same output criteria as any other tool.

5- INK

  • Free version and full paid plan.
  • Chrome extension.
ai content generator

INK is another of his AI-powered tools aimed at content marketers and SEO professionals as content assistants for faster output and optimized content.
INK has 60 templates based on promotion, growth, website and writing, including YouTube, Pain Arousal, memorable topics and lists.

Focuses on ranking content using tools that support SEO and optimization, and has a tool scoring system that evaluates how well an article is optimized.

In the hands of a professional writer, INK can be a useful tool to help with your output, but it won’t help you.
This tool needed some work to get the final output.
INK offers up to 10 free items per month so you can try out many areas before you buy.

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