USAT Essay Topics & How to Write – Argumentative and Narrative Essays

Usat entry test is a very important test for university admissions in Pakistan. Here I am sharing a complete Guide to the Essay topic of USAT.

Usat essay topics

How to write an essay for the USAT Entry Test?

1- Selection of the topic.

Identify the topic. The most it is very important for you all to understand the topic of what is asked or inquired by the examiner

2- Do your Thinking.

Thinking should must be done before writing the main body.

3- Create an Outline.

Your Outline will define the structure of essay writing.

4- Write down the Qualitative Content.

Your Content should comprises of

  1. Introduction
  2. Main Body

5- Add Refrences and Quotations.

Primary source of relevances should be Hadith, Quranic Ayat, Islamic Quotes etc.

You can also add poetry , quotes, motto, etc

6- Reread the written Essay.

Re read your essay for the sake of removing Grammatical Mistakes

7- Conclusion.

Conclusion is very important part. It reminds closure to the reader while remindering the main body and topic.

Important Essay Topics for USAT

Argumentative Essays

Narrative Essays

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