Who is Devin ? Does Devin spell the end for programmers?Will the software engineering future collapse because of Devin?

 I’m going to talk about a new artificial intelligence project today that will shortly be released.


Devin, the software engineer, is the first AI software engineer created by the Cognition company, which is led by Scott Wu.

Devin is multi-talented and capable of many tasks.

  • It can create mobile applications.
  • It can create websites.
  • It is capable of software testing.

providing a plethora of methods for improving code and many other things. Mr. Scott claims that Devin can perform tasks identical to those of a software developer. A plethora of articles, blogs, and videos were released on what Devin is capable of.You can checkout from I won’t, however, be talking about the same subject.The primary subject matter of my blog is the second portion of my topic question. Does Devin spell the end for programmers?

Why did Cognition name Devin ‘The Software Engineer’?

Many AI tools have been launched until today, including ChatGpt, Blackbox.io, and AutoGpt. Would Devin make that much noise if it were named Devin GPT? Not because everyone is aware of the large number of GPTs. In the era of gpts, Cognition devised an amazing marketing strategy, naming their AI ‘The First AI Software Engineer.’ This piqued the interest of software engineers, prompting a discussion and creating hype.This was what they wanted..

Why was Devin hyped so much before the release?

Basically, the group that makes so much talk about Devin is new on this pitch. Mostly folks who have recently graduated or begun freelancing or working. They are concerned because they completed a degree, and now AI is taking over their employment. Cognition triggered that audience because someone with 10 or more years of experience is not anxious about anything, not because they are highly skilled but most likely because they understand getting the precise work from the clients is extremely tough. Clients often don’t even know what they require. The requirements are vague, and we have no notion of what they expect us to solve. Some problems are not easy to solve. You cannot just prompt it, ‘Hey! Build me an Uber’. These companies were built over the years by retreating and resolving the problems, and some of the problems don’t even have existing solutions at all. No block post, no documentation, nothing, so how is the AI going to solve it when there is no documentation?

History of AI Tools:

A few years ago, we all heard that self-driving cars would take the jobs of the actual drivers, but as you can see, nothing happened. We need to understand that technology is great, but most of the time it overpromises and doesn’t deliver. The period of delivery is so long that you even forget about the product. Self-driving cars are assistants more than drivers. I hope you all know about AutoGPT.If you don’t, let me give you a short introduction to it.

“Auto-GPT can be used to efficiently develop software applications from scratch. Auto-GPT can also debug code and generate test cases. Observers suggest that Auto-GPT’s ability to write, debug, test, and edit code may extend to Auto-GPT’s own source code, enabling self-improvement.”

This is the Google definition of AutoGPT. Did you note one thing? Devin and Auto-GPT  look like siblings, but where is Auto-GPT now? The same type of hype occurred when ChatGPT came. People were used to saying that it would take the jobs of software developers, but nothing happened.

The point is simple, if you named an AI ‘ Devin The next-gen Software Engineer’ rather than ‘Devin GPT’ it surely makes that much hype.

A spark that turned into a forest fire.

Companies and Devin:

Devin might have done some upwork jobs, but what kind of job—simple or complex—we just don’t know. Every product has some limitations, and we don’t know them until we use them.

These demos are meant to grab your attention and attract new investors. Now let’s be real. Even if Devin is a coding superstar, do you think any serious company is going to let an AI take up their sensitive code base, generate changes, and just automatically deploy? Absolutely not! That’s the recipe for disaster. Human software engineers are always required to review AI’s work. Trust me, they are not perfect, just like self-driving cars have cool technology, but we are not getting rid of drivers anytime soon.

AI hallucination:

It’s like that friend who always seems to have an answer for everything, even if they don’t know what they are talking about. AI often does the same, always giving an answer that looks impressive but doesn’t solve the problem.

Building great software is about way more than just typing out code. Can an AI sit down with clients and figure out what they truly need? Much of our job is talking to other engineers, designers, and stakeholder groups and figuring out solutions together. AI can’t replace that human interaction.

What does Devin actually do?

Devin will be used for doing boring code so that humans will have more time to think of creative ideas.

It will become a good assistant, but it can never be a good alternative of engineers. Devin managed to solve 14 out of every 100 software problems it was given. That’s a big deal because older AI models could only solve 2 out of 100 problems, but think about the other 86 problems, which are still in our hands. It is a very big ratio, so we should not be worried about coming or existing AI technologies and learn to master our skills. AI will be a good companion on our journey. If we work together, we can achieve great things, but AI can never completely take our spot.

We should always remember that AI is a human creation, and no matter what happens, we will always be superior.


Even if artificial intelligence takes over many jobs, it will never totally replace humans.

Every day, new AI tools and concepts emerge, and software professionals are told that they may lose their jobs, although this is unlikely to happen anytime soon. Given the moniker Software Engineering, AI is a fantastic marketing approach, but it cannot replace human engineers anytime soon. In my opinion, it will never be a viable replacement for software engineers.


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